3Red is a global prop trading firm.

We leverage technology and math to implement competitive trading strategies while managing risk and responding to dynamic markets. 

What sets us apart from others is that adding value is based on the work you do and not your ability to climb the corporate political ladder. We have no products, clients, or customers. Everyone is here because they love the work, those they work with, and have a passion for markets. Our people are hired for their talents and recognized for their contributions in building a trading company. 


We hire bright, talented, and motivated individuals to collaborate with each other and compete in the world’s financial markets. Our team has extensive, global experience in a wide variety of asset classes, risk management, and simple and complex technologies. Dedicated Technologists create all of our trading architecture, risk management systems, and software in-house. Algorithmic Traders extract information from massive amounts of data and leverage mathematical modeling to build automated trading algorithms.


Experienced Candidates

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We are always looking to connect with exceptional talent. Please send us your information and we will respond with any opportunities.

Trading Group Developer (C++) - Chicago, IL Click for More Details

We are looking for a Developer in our Chicago office. You would work with traders and other developers and work on all aspects of our research and low-latency trading system.

Software Engineer (C++) - Chicago, IL Click for More Details

We are looking for a Software Engineer in our Chicago office. You will have the opportunity to work on all aspects of our low-latency trading system – from machine code optimization to software architecture and system design. We are looking for candidates who are searching for an opportunity to make a real impact, deliver value, and work with a great team.

Campus Recruiting Cycle

Resume collection is ongoing and we respond to all candidates but please reach out to careers@3redgroup.com if you have any deadlines that we should know about.

Process: Recruitment will collect resumes online or on campus. Trading and Technology teams review all resumes. First round is a phone interview. Second round is an at home exercise. The third interview is a technical and finally is a Chicago onsite interview. 

Cover Letters: We do not require them. 

Our application takes less than a minute to fill out, so enjoy the extra time!

Junior Quant Trader

(Chicago or New York)

We are looking for Quant Traders. You would work closely with your trading leads, technologists, compliance, and risk. The expectation is that you would you will be scripting in languages such as Python/R but the role is trading focused. It’s a really cool opportunity to learn and grow into a more independent and self-directed trading role. Helping to identify where there is edge that may not have been explored, analyzing the results of trades or automating a piece of trading are a few examples of what you would be doing in your first year.  

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Software Engineer


We are looking for Software Engineers. You will work closely with other talented developers while using your knowledge and experience to contribute to 3Red. You will be responsible for developing, augmenting and maintaining our low-latency trading system. Mentors will guide you through and get you up to speed on the work. It's a unique role because you'll get to work on real problems and learn from the people that built it.

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Intern: Quant Trader

(Chicago or New York) 

We are looking for Quant Trading Interns. This is a unique trading experience where you will be given a set of tools and challenged to come up with a successful trade nearly on your own. The expectation is that you would use some of 3Red’s basic tools to research and come up with an individual trade. It’s a unique internship because you will be doing real trading that has real outcomes. No fluff; we want you to identify where there is edge, analyze the results of your trades and report on your weekly performance.    

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We are looking for Software Engineer Interns. You will work 1:1 with an experienced mentor to learn and grow your skillset while developing solutions for real world problems. It’s a unique internship because you'll get your hands dirty for a summer and add real value to 3Red during your time here. No fluff; we want you to do actual work.  

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Intern: Software Engineer


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