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440 S LaSalle Suite 2200
Chicago, IL, 60605
United States


3Red is a proprietary trading firm with offices in Chicago and New York.  We’re committed to implementing competitive trading strategies while managing risk in dynamic market conditions. 

About 3Red

we analyze + we code + we trade

3Red is a proprietary trading start-up headquartered in the Chicago Loop, with a presence in New York. We’re committed to leveraging technology and math to implement competitive trading strategies while managing risk and responding to dynamic market conditions.

Technology and quantitative ingenuity are at our core.

We hire extremely bright, talented, and motivated individuals to collaborate with each other and compete in the world’s financial markets. Our team has extensive, global experience in a wide variety of asset classes, risk management, and simple and complex technologies. Dedicated Technologists create all of our trading architecture, risk management systems, and software in-house. Algorithmic Traders extract information from a ton of data and leverage mathematical modeling to build automated trading algorithms.